Meditation for Holy Saturday – the Jesus Prayer

Holy Saturday, the day between Good Friday and Easter Sunday, is a day of stillness and waiting for Christians. We remember the reality of death for Jesus, and while we wait for his resurrection we remind ourselves that he chose to share even this darkest and most unknown of our experiences.

Rather than focus on the specifics of the Holy Week and Easter story today, it seemed right to offer an introduction to the Jesus Prayer – a way into reflective and contemplative prayer much more broadly. This is a brief introduction, and over time I hope to post some more on developing this way of prayer – if people find them useful, at least!

If you would like to develop a practice of meditative or contemplative prayer, you will find it well worth while. It is best not to try to do this alone or just with online tracks for guidance; they are fine as a ‘taster’ but there is no substitute for a spiritual director or soulfriend to help you avoid the dead-ends and stay on a path which will help you to grow. Please contact me or speak to your own priest or minister for guidance.

Meditation for Holy Saturday – introducing the ‘Jesus Prayer’

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