Blogging the Bible 122 – Psalms 5-8 – Starting with God

Psalms 5-7

In these three psalms, the author prays for God’s help against different adversaries – enemies in general, illness and false accusers respectively. In all three, he bases his plea for help not so much in his own need but in the nature of God as just, loving and willing to judge evil.

It strikes me that this aspect is often missing from my prayers, but I did think of it when talking with our curate earlier in the week about the traditional ‘collect’ prayers which are a big part of traditional Anglican worship. There, like in the psalms, the traditional form of prayers begins with a statement about God before we come to the petition of the prayer. Perhaps it’s something I can work on including more in my own prayers, a sure source of strength in prayer which might also help to make sure that I’m praying for the right things…

Psalm 8

Psalm 8 is one of my favourite passages from the whole Bible. The wonder of creation, and especially of the majesty of the universe, is introduced to remind us of God’s glory, so that we can realise more fully how incredible it is that the maker of the galaxies knows and loves us.

That is an aspect of God of which I know I can never exhaust the meaning. I can simply admire the beauty of the stars all the more because I know that they remind me of the Father who is behind them.

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