Blogging the Bible 121 – Psalms 1-4 – Two ways

The first psalm sets the scene for the rest. These are songs and prayers, some reflective, some of praise and thanksgiving, some in anger or sorrow. But they speak to us differently from the earlier parts of the Bible, as they are words for us to speak and sing, not just to read or hear.

So the first psalm is well placed to set out the significance and value of a life lived in line with God’s word, leading down a different path from that of the wicked. And the key to it is to delight on the law of the Lord and to meditate on it day and night.

I’ve already realised the importance of seeing ‘the Law’ as the whole story of God’s dealings with his people, not just the rules that are part of that in context. So I now see the same meaning here – it’s not just rules for living that we are to meditate upon, but the God who leads us into freedom and guides us in how to live that freedom.

I’m looking forward to spending the next few weeks in the psalms. I know that there are things in here that I won’t like, but they’re part of giving voice to the whole range of human experience, speaking to God in the words God has given us. That can’t be bad.

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