Blogging the Bible 364 – Revelation 18-20 – The King rides out

Through all of the New Testament, it’s been a truth at least in the background that Jesus is Lord. As Tom Wright has pointed out, that’s a big claim, and it’s the one which set Christianity against all other powers and authorities, above all against the Roman Empire. For if Jesus is Lord, then Caesar is not.

Now, at the end, the often-hidden kingship of Jesus is made obvious at last. He rides out at the head of an army of angels; his weapon is, as it always was, his word. His authority is now beyond question and beyond misunderstanding. And that authority is shown by the robe that he wears, one dipped in blood.

Long ago, in the wilderness the tempter offered Jesus power in exchange for worship. He refused that shortcut; and his power comes through the obedience of his life, culminating in his death for the world. That was always the plan. And so the beast is destroyed and the devil imprisoned by the King who carries the power of truth, love and integrity.

With just a couple of chapters to go, we’re back to Jesus – still and always the heart of all.

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