Blogging the Bible 297 – Acts 1-2 – A new age

Luke picks up his story where he left off, with the Ascension, and then carries on.
Even while the apostles wait in Jerusalem as instructed, they plan for the future of the church, replacing Judas with Matthias.
Then at least the waiting is over, as the Holy Spirit fills them and sends them out to begin their mission to the world.
That misson starts with a symbolic undoing of the curse of the Tower of Babel. Then, back in Genesis, people tried to build their own way to heaven and as a result of pride scattered the nations in confusion, competition and the confusion of many languages.
Now God comes down to us by his Spirit, and the first effect is that people of many nations can suddenly understand one another.
Then that understanding is put to good use, as Peter preaches (putting these events firmly into the big picture of the story of God and Israel) and thousands respond.
The life of those believers together has been ever since a source of hope and challenge for what the church can be; worshipping, celebrating the Eucharist, learning from the Scriptures and supporting one another in fellowship and giving. Only God can bring together such a diverse body in such deep relationship – let’s pray for more of that spirit (small ‘s’) through deeper awareness of the Spirit (capital ‘S’) among us.

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