Blogging the Bible 219 – Ezekiel 43-48 – Cubits by the thousand

More cubits in this last section of Ezekiel – as we see that God’s plans go beyond the Temple.

Ezekiel is given commands concerning the priesthood, rites and sacrifices of the new Temple which God will bring to Jerusalem. Like the measurements of the Temple itself, they are set out in clear and concrete detail. In the middle of this (45:10-12) there’s a reminder that God’s plans aren’t all about the ‘religious’ aspects of life, but about the whole of Israel’s life. In the middle of the regulations about sacrifices, there’s a reminder of the importance of accurate weights and measures!

Then before Ezekiel is shown the map of the lands for the returning tribes, he sees a river of life flowing out from the Temple, not becoming shallower as it spreads but deeper. From the centre of God’s presence on earth flows blessing, to spread far and wide. That should still, surely, be true. How can we be sure that our churches are sources of living water that flows out, deeper and deeper as it gets further from the church door – but beginning there?

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