Blogging the Bible 202 – Jeremiah 21-24 – If God is against us…

There’s not much good news in Jeremiah’s words today. The messengers sent by the King to ask if they can expect a miraculous victory from the LORD go away not just with a ‘sorry, you’re on your own this time’ but with the news that this time the LORD is backing the other side. Idolatry, immorality and injustice have taken over in Jerusalem, and before God’s purpose can get back on track, radical action is needed.
We don’t often consider the possibility that God may not be on our side. There’s a good reason for that, if we’re trying to serve him. He doesn’t waver, after all. Judah has lost his backing temporarily and as a result of constant and clear sin, not because God is bored and has decided to give Babylon a try for a change.
But it’s often been observed that in conflict between groups with strong faith (whether wars or theological arguments) both sides are usually confident to the point of certainty that God is on their side against their enemies. We need an occasional Jeremiah to make us ask the question of where God is in the challenges we face. He may not be where we think he should be.

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