Blogging the Bible 193 – Isaiah 49:1-52:12 – A light for the nations

We’ve seen that the LORD can include pagans in his planning, with Cyrus ‘his anointed’. Today we read of how he reaches out to the nations, setting his Servant up as ‘light to the nations’.

Israel is reminded that the purpose of her being chosen by God was not, in the end, for her sake but for the sake of the world. God’s servant will be called to reach beyond the boundaries of nation to enlighten all people of good will. The purpose of the LORD sending his light is so that ‘my salvation may reach to the end of the earth.’

I’ve already said that we sometimes limit the scope of those through whom God wil work to those who are link us; God has other ideas. The same is true of the people who are called to be saved – we are not called to keep the light to ourselves, but to spread it as widely as possible.

What boundaries have I marked out within which I expect God to limit his actions? Those barriers need to come down.

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