Blogging the Bible 164 – Proverbs 14 – The wisdom of the LORD

One thing that is apparent here is that a right relation to the LORD is at the heart of the wise life.

Again, many of the sayings here could be said by anyone, and may well have originated outside Israel to begin with. But woven in with them are commendations of ‘the fear of the LORD’, a right, reverent relationship to God.

And this isn’t just something which stands alone. The fear of the LORD has consequences in how we treat one another. It’s awareness of God which leads to the statement in v.31,

Those who oppress the poor insult their Maker,
but those who are kind to the needy honour him.

These sayings are not simply abstract, timeless truths. They find their meaning and truth within a life lived in relation to God. Without that, we would need to look for another kind of wisdom entirely.

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