Blogging the Bible 159 – Proverbs 4-5: Get wisdom

Wisdom may be a celestial principle, an aspect of God, but she is also about down to earth life and relationships.

I find myself wondering at the start of chapter 4 whether the father who gives advice and calls his children to listen is not actually the Father with a capital F, our creator God. In chapter 5, I again started reading unsure whether the two women are simply a human seducer and a faithful wife, or are personifications of folly and of divine Wisdom.

On reflection, though, to ask this at all is probably too misunderstand what’s going on here. After all, I need to make some sense of 4:7,

The beginning of wisdom is this: get wisdom and whatever else you get, get insight 

If it’s anything more than tautology, then perhaps that verse links two wisdom. The beginning of human, practical wisdom is to grasp hold of divine Wisdom, and to let her be your guide. Her wisdom will then start to be lived out in the ordinary, day to day business of living. For example, faithfulness to Lady Wisdom is a life’s relationship, of which a faithful, lifelong marriage is a good image. Wisdom sees and treasures the depth of love and shared experience enough to avoid completely the short-term excitement and long -term destruction of an affair. Wisdom is seen in a life lived consistently and for the long term, aware of the positive and negative consequences of our actions.

Lady Wisdom may be part of God, but the results of her advice are very down to earth and practical – a better life based on wise decisions even when they’re harder in the short run.

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