Blogging the Bible 150 -Psalm 119:89-176 – Praise for God’s word

I set myself a bit of a challenge yesterday – to write my own stanza of praise in the tradition of the 22 stanzas of this wonderful Psalm. Here goes…

Your word, LORD, draws me and compels me 
     to draw myself nearer to your loving truth.
The record of your faithful love inspires my trust
     when my way is not clear or the path seems dark.
The story of your people gives me light,
     as I see my own story in new colours.
Your promises, LORD, echo down the years 
     and I know that you will fulfil all that you have spoken.
To speak of your Law brings to that word new meaning,
     known in its fulness only as history unfolds.
The poetry of your praise opens my heart
     and challenges me to hold nothing back from you.
Wisdom which called creation to become,
     now written and read calls deeper understanding anew.
Gospel, good news, is here shadowed and plain,
     your purpose unchanging, called and calling by name.

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