Blogging the Bible 144 – Psalms 96-101 – Sing a new song

Why do we sing in worship? How could we not sing?

Most of these psalms follow a theme of calling the nations to praise the LORD in song. I’ve commented before that I’ve been reliably told that there’s no traditional religious faith in which singing or chanting doesn’t play a part. It’s a human instinct in the face of God. But often the songs of worship are so traditional that introducing anything new can be risky, for the Vicar at least!

Of course, it could seem ironic that the command to sing a new song is embedded here in some of the most ancient songs in the world… But we’re not being commanded to forget the old, rather to build on it with the new as God does new things year after year.

And song doesn’t exist in isolation from the rest of life. The psalmists call the nations not just to sing to a holy God but to become holy.

For the rest of this week, I’m going to try to learn and sing a new song every day – and to strive for holiness as well. In fact, maybe I’ll try not to do after a week.

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