Blogging the Bible 138 – Psalms 69-72 – what are we hiding from?

The language of God as rock, refuge and fortress is vivid and familiar. But reading it in the setting of these psalms, it is less a metaphor than we’re used to having in mind when we sing it or pray it. I think we’re usually drawing on the imagery to give us a sense of security when life is stressful, and there’s nothing wrong or unimportant about that.

But once again it looks as though the psalmist had very real, physical dangers in mind. He pleads for rescue from his enemies, confident that the LORD is able and willing to come to his aid.

I’m glad to have had a pretty easy life so far. But perhaps if I’d survived real physical danger I’d read these psalms a bit differently – and I suspect that I’d find more strength in them than I do. I’m not asking for danger or hardship. But perhaps I can benefit from trying to think myself into the life of one who has them in plenty, and to think through how these words would feel then.

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