Blogging the Bible 128 – Psalms 29-32 – Praise in heaven, forgiveness on earth.

The first of today’s psalms reminds us that we’re not alone in worshipping God. The ‘heavenly beings’ are called to worship him work us, inspired as we are by the might of the LORD shown in a great storm. The Bible doesn’t give us much detail about the heavenly beings, though they’re a source of fascination to many. But it is clear that their life and worship are not completely separate from ours. I don’t know whether angels can be frightened by thunder, but I do know that they see far more clearly than we do the power of the God who speaks through the storm.

Next time I’m impressed by the majesty of creation to worship the greater majesty of the creator, I’ll try to take a moment to listen for the voice of angels worshipping alongside me.

If Psalm 29 speaks of the majestic God whilst praise fills the heavens, Psalm 32 show another side – the forgiving God is one and the same. The psalmist knows both the joy of forgiveness and the pain that comes from trying to show a false picture of innocence before others, God and even ourselves. The vital first step to forgiveness and peace is confession of sin. And we confess our sin secure in the knowledge of God’s love – he ‘imputes no iniquity’ who open their hearts and accept his forgiveness.

Tomorrow morning, as every Sunday, I will have the privilege of declaring this forgiveness to many people. May I first be sure to receive it myself.

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