Blogging the Bible 114 – Esther 5-10 – Justice or revenge?

The pantomime continues. Haman’s preening when he suggests the many honours the king should bestow on the one he wants to honour turns to seething rage when he finds that he’s dropped himself into being the one who leads the honouring of the hated Mordecai.

It reads almost like a script from Blackadder.

But the pantomime turns very dark when the tables are turned, and the Jewish people whose lives have been saved inflict the same violence in their enemies as was planned for them. It feels more like revenge then justice. I would have preferred that God’s people show mercy, but part of me can understand the satisfaction of seeing the roles so thoroughly reversed.

Overall, it’s clear that behind the scenes God is at work to protect his people, through and despite human scheming. Perhaps there’s something godly about just trying to do the right thing in each moment, trusting that God is with us.

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