Blogging the Bible 100.1 – 100 down, 265 to go…

So far I’ve managed 100 days without missing one! (Just…)

Sometimes along the way I’ve felt that I’ve seen and written something useful. Judges was a real struggle, and at the moment I’m having to work hard to find something new to read and to say as I go through Chronicles, having read almost all of it before in Samuel and Kings.

I’m finding it a useful discipline and challenge, and I’m determined to keep going! Anyway, it’s not too long until I hit the Psalms…

If you’ve found anything I’ve written useful, or if you disagree with anything I’ve written, please do let me know – I started this for my own benefit and committed to blogging mainly to keep me on track, but I’ve appreciated the messages I’ve had from some who’ve read my posts and found them helpful. Thank you for your encouragement!

And thanks be to God for his Word – it continues to feed me and, from time to time, to surprise me.

2 thoughts on “Blogging the Bible 100.1 – 100 down, 265 to go…

  1. Keep going Nick you’re doing great!


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