Blogging the Bible 75 – 2 Samuel 8-10 – Enduring friendship

In these chapters, David quickly defeats the traditional enemy of Israel, the Philistines, and has a series of military victories against other hostile neighbours. He shows a fair degree of ruthlessness with his enemies, bringing the survivors into captivity or service.

To his friends and their descendants, though, David remains loyal. Above all, he not only provides for but honours the last of Saul’s line, his grandson Mephibosheth. He does this above all out of faithfulness to his promise to Mephibosheth’s father, Jonathan. He remembers that his current high position owes much to Jonathan and many others, and will not go back on his word. So Mephibosheth, the last potential rallying point of pro-Saul rebels, is given a high place.

To foreign allies of the past, too, David is loyal – and it is only because the advisors of the new king of the Ammonites incite him to distrust David that another war is fought.

Who are the friends who have shaped and encouraged my life? Are there ways in which I can show my appreciation and friendship to them, or to their families?

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