Blogging the Bible 72 – 1 Samuel 29-31 – The end of Saul

These chapters round off the first volume of the stories of the Kings of Israel, with David defending his people against one enemy while Saul takes his own life in defeat at the hands of another. His death seems inevitable, as he is wounded at the heart of a routed army, but suicide adds one final hint of darkness to the end of his story. Having rejected the anointing of God and the loyalty of those around him, Saul dies alone in the midst of a battle.

Three key lessons seem to emerge from Saul’s life, particularly for any in leadership but to some extent for all disciples.

  • Whatever your gifts and God’s call for you, your effectiveness is limited by the cap on your humility – and by the level of obedience to the LORD that flows from that. 
  • Keep your focus on the tasks Good gives to you and fulfil them. Don’t get distracted by comparing yourself to others and imagining that they – and others – are out to get you or to outdo you.
  • Don’t give up on God. He lives, so while you live there is still hope.

2 thoughts on “Blogging the Bible 72 – 1 Samuel 29-31 – The end of Saul

  1. Thank you for this Fr!
    It’s so easy in today’s society to get distracted by comparatives. And to feel that what we have to offer is not perhaps so worthy as other people’s.

    Journeying with you through Saul’s story has opened this up a little. Sometimes the person who last sees what we offer is ourselves. And we must be careful not to get distracted from … And ultimately to miss… we what do have to offer by chasing after comparatives with others.

    This has wound so much for me today with the Blessed Virgin Mary. Humble Mother… Theotokos…. The overlooked ministry of motherhood, of hearth and home… But that’s probably just personal! But thank you… I continue to enjoy your words each day!


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