Blogging the Bible 57 – Judges 3:7-5:31 – Jedi and Judges

In today’s chapters, God comes to the aid of his people through a series of Judges. It’s tempting to see the Judges as a bit like the Jedi Knights of Star Wars – wise guides who are also inspired and inspiring military leaders.

But that misses a key point of the book of Judges – and a key characteristic of the whole of the Bible’s account of history. Star Wars is about what the Jedi – and others – do, using their attunement to the ‘Force’ as a tool. Judges, and the following books, are about what God does, using the Judges and others as his agents and friends. The key person in this story is not Ehud, Othniel, Deborah or Jael – it is the LORD. He uses left-handed hitmen, wise women and housewives to save his people, but he is always working through them, not being used by them.

That is behind Deborah’s song of praise in Judges 5. It’s not just a celebration of victory, it’s a song of worship and thanksgiving.

When things go well, do we give thanks to God and sing his praises? Perhaps if we did so more regularly and fully, we might be more able to recognise him at work day by day.

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