Blogging the Bible 36 – Numbers 8-10 – Cloud by day, fire by night

I’ve said several times in this blog so far that I’m grateful to God for the way that our access to his presence in worship has changed. For the openness for anyone, anywhere and at any time to turn to him with an open heart through Jesus and know that he hears.

A bit of me, though, is a bit jealous of the days when he led Israel through the desert visibly – a pillar of cloud by day and fire by night, over the tent of the Tabernacle. It feels as though there could be no mistaking God’s reality or intention in those circumstances, and that it would surely be a bit easier to get people to listen when we talk about him!

On the other hand, I’ve spent time today in quiet and prayer at the wonderful Glasshampton Monastery. I know that God is no more present here than anywhere else – Wednesfield included. But the quiet, the rhythm of prayer into which the brothers welcome guests and the beauty of chapel, garden and surrounding fields make it easier to be aware of God’s presence in everything – in the trees, wind and sunshine, the birds and the flowers. Even in myself. 

Glasshampton meadowGlasshampton Monastery chapel

And while I can’t show that presence of God to anyone else, I can encourage others to find it for themselves. For in those moments of awareness, I know that we truly do have a great privilege, beyond even a pillar of cloud by day and fire by night. 

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