Blogging the Bible – or 3 chapters of it…

A while back I rashly committed myself to blogging daily through the whole Bible in a year. It was a great thing to do, though I overran a bit. It helped me to see the Bible with a new perspective, and to focus on the big picture of God’s story. But rather than the hoped-for kick-start to writing more regularly, I then stopped blogging to recover!

So I’m starting again – with no promise to write daily, and a more focussed aim. I’m planning to work through the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7), over the rest of 2018 if that’s what it takes! The idea is to help me to have a bit of discipline about studying this key text in depth, and putting into writing what I think I’m understanding about it.

One thing that’s pointed me to this passage is reading Dallas Willard’s The Divine Conspiracy, which has challenged some of my ideas about what Jesus was saying in the Sermon, starting with the Beatitudes. It’s made me think that I need to do some new reading and thinking about it, which is never a bad thing to do with Scripture!

I’ve got a lot of commentaries and books on the Sermon on the Mount. If you know if any you’ve found particularly helpful, please let me know! And watch this space (but patiently, please!)


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