Blogging the Bible 58 – Judges 6-8 – A flawed hero

Today we read the story of Gideon, who come across as a fascinating mix of faithful obedience, fearful reluctance and eventual corruption by ego.

Like Moses before him and others afterward, Gideon’s response to God’s call is first of fearfulness and running down his own abilities. It’s only when he’s convinced by a pretty persuasive sign from God that he gives up on his excuses and starts his work to save Israel by destroying his village altar to Baal. 

Even then, when God calls him to step up further and take on the Midianites, Gideon hesitates and tries to put off the inevitable. His first test for God shows that God is really calling him, so just to be sure he sets another... but at last he answers and leads the army to a victory which makes sense only because God is behind it.

The story doesn’t end with victory, though – Gideon refuses to be crowned king, on the grounds that the LORD is Israel’s one true king – but his vision of the LORD is too small, and he breaks the second commandment, leading his people into idolatry, then himself into immorality.

What then can we learn from Gideon? First, that God can use our faithfulness even when it begins in fear, provided we trust him enough – eventually – to get on with it. Second, that unless we keep renewing our vision of the greatness of God, we will end up going astray, however well we start in God’s service.

When did I last hear God’s voice and act upon it? Can I see times when I have not acted on what I have heard?

4 thoughts on “Blogging the Bible 58 – Judges 6-8 – A flawed hero

  1. Absolutely. Sometimes you can hear his voice but, it’s the how, and when that never seems to present itself.

    Sometimes waiting in the stillness can take years. Waiting theough it though as I am learning presents a whole nother set of challenges, and tests. It’s our choice though, do we wait patiently or, do we wait in spite, and angst?


    1. EmBe – One thing I became ever more sure of while working in ministry development is that none of the apparent detours or delays on the journey every end up being wasted – they help make us who we are by the time we get to where God wants us to be. That doesn’t make the waiting easy, though…

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      1. You are so very right. I havent been in ministry in 3 years. It is a very long story, and one that is full of a lot of pain and hue that I have spent a long time battling, and finding forgiveness towards others for but, with that said God showed me the path he wanted me to take instead. He told me what direction to go but, the how never presented itself until recently.

        It is a process, one that sometimes requires patience but, in this case it doesnt require any church or, organization that can unfairly ever rob me, and rape me of everything that makes me, me for who he has called me to be ever again.

        Sometimes you have to learn to be ok and even grow from an apology that you never got, and will never receive. That day finally came for me, and I chose to use it for HIS glory.


      2. The Church as Body of Christ can be the most wonderful and healing place. The Church as institution ‘can’ be great but… I’ve found RT Kendall really helpful on forgiveness as a source of freedom.

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